What is the Youth 21 initiative?


Youth 21 is an initiative established by UN Habitat and supported by many youth, organisations and governments  is a set of recommendations  coming out of the idea to reform and strengthen youth participation for the 21st Century. Its linked to Article 21 in Agenda 21 which calls on governments to strengthen youth participation in sustainable development (Economic, Environmental and Social Spheres of life).

Some of the recommendations have been achieved (the establishment of an envoy on youth in the Secretary Generals Office) whilst others remain work in progress. Currently the largest push is taking place on the recommendation to Establish a Permanent Forum on Youth.

See the Nairobi Declaration on Youth 21 here: Nairobi_Declaration_Youth21BuildingForChange

What is a Permanent Forum on Youth?

The Permanent forum would be jointly made up of half young people from youth led organizations and half of governments following other international structures and bringing those who know best about the implementation on the ground (youth) face to face with decision makers on an annual or bi-annual cycle.

It could also have a review function for the progress made so far on the World Programme for Action on Youth and the organisations said “A UN Permanent Forum on Youth can be the structure that helps provides young people with a reliable process through which tokenism can be brushed aside in favour of effective participation and evaluation of the World Programme of Action for Youth”

Check out the latest letter from the partner organizations in ICMYO on the Permanent Forum on Youth: https://icmyo.org/2013/10/26/forum-on-youth/


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