World Youth Conference 2010 – behind the scenes

10 ICMYO organisations have been part of the Social Forum Organizing Committee (SOFOC) for the World Youth Conference 2010. During the next week different organizations will share their experience from the WYC here on the ICMYO blog. First out: The European Youth Forum.  WOW! This is huge! I have smelled it! The atmosphere of the GlobalContinue reading “World Youth Conference 2010 – behind the scenes”

Heavy activity level of ICMYO: World Youth Conference 2010

Dear followers, the task-force is incredibly sorry for not updating the blog for a very long time. This is not at all due to a lack of activity – rather the contrary – but all the activities have led to a lack of capacity to work on the blog. Updates on our successes and failuresContinue reading “Heavy activity level of ICMYO: World Youth Conference 2010”