The ICMYO community is committed to forming more effective partnerships with each other and with critical institutional partners. We believe this to be the way forward to achieve lasting change for young people worldwide.

We recognize and celebrate the diversity among us and while we do not expect to have the same priorities nor to always be in agreement with each other, we do  recognize that there are many common concerns among us.

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Kinds of Membership

ICMYO has two categories of membership: 1) Regional Youth Platforms; and 2) International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations.

Organisations should:

  1. Be youth-led; and
  2. Have democratic processes and independent decision making structures; and
  3. Be membership based (assuring a link between the local, the national, the regional and the global levels); and
  4. Have accountability and transparency mechanism; and e. Ensure legitimacy and credibility; and
  5. Demonstrate constructive, positive goals to work with other; and
  6. Respect ideological diversity, ensuring a commitment to Human Rights.

We seek to welcome newcomers, always remembering to explain our process and help new members find their unique voice and contribution to the community. You can join by contacting the Task Force outlining how you fulfil the criteria.

International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations

aegee AIESEC cyc EIJ fimcap fj-cplp gyg iflry ifmsa ifmsei  imcs-paxromana ipsf ituc-youth iusy iydu jeci-iycs mijarc tejo unoy wagggs wfdy wfdys_logo wosm wscf YMCA ywca wfuna

Regional Youth Platforms

Regional Youth Platforms are made up of the National Youth Councils and in some instances regional youth organisations which operate in that particular region. In applying to membership the organisations must indicate the geographic region they operate in and this should be accepted by the wider network.

Pan-African Youth Unionasiayouthstudentsassociation asianyouthcouncileuropeanyouthforumcaribbean_regional_youth_councillatinamericanyouthforumpacificyouthcouncil