Dear Esteemed Partner and Friend,

It is a great honour to invite you to attend our ICMYO Annual Meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan. This meeting marks an important moment in the growth of our network comprised of some of the largest youth-led organisations in the world.

By the time we meet in Baku, we will have compiled our first year of operation under the newly agreed Guidelines. As part of this process of change we will use this Annual Meeting to further bring our moments together and take the next steps to strengthen our cooperation together and with international intuitions such as the UN. We look forward to welcoming you to the first of our two day Annual Meeting, on 31 October 2014.

Your presence will be instrumental as we take stock of the past year and welcome new members into ICMYO. Your presence at the meeting will also be a testament of the relationships we have built with critical stakeholders, policymakers, and those who are interested in youth development, participation and inclusion.

If you are available to attend the meeting, kindly inform our UN Liaison, Christopher Dekki (

We hope to see you in Baku!

Download the documents for the meeting

  1. Technical Note ICMYO Meeting 2014
  2. Draft agenda ICMYO Meeting 2014
  3. Elections Note ICMYO 2014 (including nomination letters for Task Force)
  4. ICMYO guidelines (2013)_updated (1st September 2014)
  5. ICMYOAnnualReport20132014

Here are some photos from the meeting!

IMG_3152 IMG_3154

Photos of some members of the 2014 – 2015 ICMYO Task Force.

IMG_3156 IMG_3158


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