The Annual Meeting hosted by UNFPA and the UN Inter-agency Network on Youth Development brought us closer to our institutional partners.

icmyo2013The ICMYO network agreed unanimously, after 10 years as a loose network, to develop stronger ties between member organisations, open up to specialised youth organisations working in regions or marginalised youth and national organisations of interest who cannot be part of an international platform.

The network agreed to adopt a set of Aims and Objectives to guide their work:

ICMYO aims to unite and represent the diverse voices of youth-led organisations globally, by providing a platform for coordination and cooperation in order to have a stronger influence on global youth policy processes and achieve full partnerships between youth organisations and relevant stakeholders.

The main objectives of ICMYO are to strengthen:

  • To represent the diverse voices of youth-led organisations globally.
  • Cooperation among youth-led organisations at regional and global levels.
  • Coordination of political inputs to global youth policy

Organisations will have 20 days from receiving the updated documents to ratify the changes to the aims, objectives and guidelines and they will come into effect when at least 10 organisations have deposited their ratifications with the ICMYO Task Force.

At the meeting hosted by UNFPA in their New York office and held straight after the UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development the network agreed the future of their youth cooperation.

The Network appointed a new Task Force for the coming year (which can be seen here) and set the following thematic focus areas for the network to work on, each with a lead organisation:

  • Employment (lead by AIESEC)
  • Health (IFMSA)
  • Education (WFDYS)
  • Political Inclusion (GYG)
  • Permanent Forum on Youth and Youth Participation at the UN (YFJ)

It was also agreed that a number of ad-hoc group to follow up on the Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development would be established lead by the respective organisations:

  • Advisory Structures for Agencies and Envoys (YMCA)
  • Mechanism for communications between the UN and Youth (Pax Romana)
  • Civic Participation (EIJ)
  • Gender (WAGGS)
  • International Solidarity (CPDP)
  • Volunteering (WOSM)

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