ICMYO has two categories of membership:

  1. Regional Youth Platforms; and
  2. International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations.

There are two levels of permanent membership:

  1. Full Membership; and
  2. Associate Membership.

The ICMYO Task Force between annual meetings may grant temporary membership.

Principles of Membership

These principles provide a framework of mutual recognition and thus provide a basis for joint advocacy actions among organisations that share these characteristics. All members should fulfil and agree to the following principles:

  1. Be youth-led; and
  2. Have democratic processes and independent decision making structures; and
  3. Be membership based (assuring a link between the local, the national, the regional and the global levels); and
  4. Have accountability and transparency mechanism; and
  5. Ensure legitimacy and credibility; and
  6. Demonstrate constructive, positive goals to work with other; and
  7. Respect ideological diversity, ensuring a commitment to Human Rights.

Criteria for Full Membership

Full member organisation of ICMYO should demonstrate that they are either a:

  1. Regional Youth Platform; or
  2. International Youth Organisation working in at least two regions as defined by the applicant organisation and acceptable to ICMYO.

Criteria for Associate Membership

Associate membership is reserved for the following exceptional cases:

  1. Regional organisations that represent a global youth constituency for which there is no representative body in ICMYO; or
  2. National youth federations, networks or councils that do not have the possibility of being represented through a Full Member Organisation of ICMYO and can add value to ICMYO.

If you organisation fits on the criteria described above, please send the following documents to our e-mail taskforce@icmyo.org

  • Motivation Letter
  • Statutes
  • Reports on activities