Contact the ICMYO contact for the UN and international Institutions

Christopher Dekki of Pax RomanaThe Taskforce has appointed Christopher Dekki as the lead UN contact. If you want to engage with ICMYO and you are from the UN or another international institution then please contact him in the first instance.

Dr. Christopher Dekki, Esq


PAX ROMANA // UN New York Advocacy Team

Mobile: +13472494813


ICMYO welcome opportunities to engage with institutions and/or international bodies. The following procedure is

Stage 1 – We send a call out to ICMYO members;
Stage 2 – Members reply to task force;
Stage 3 – Task Force looks through all suggestions and makes sure they are valid. It may make suggestions (based on experience/the profile that the UN/agency wants and also making sure that Members opportunities are spread around);
Stage 4 – Task Force sends all nominations with a suggestions (if relevant) to the ICMYO list;
Stage 5 – ICMYO members confirm through a vote who they want;
Stage 6 – ICMYO sends only the agreed name(s) on to the UN/agency.

In most cases we would look for a turnaround in under a month, but this can be expedited in particular cimstances to a minium of 10 days. In some instances ICMYO members may have already appointed a lead on a particular topic/area and in that instance the name of the lead organisations will be forwarded directly the the UN/Agency.



  1. Seriously the organization is fruitful simply because of the move you are taking in empowering youths. based on that we are much interested in partnering with you, in order to better enhance the youths of the Gambia and the world at large. Hope to hear from.

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