Follow-up is Our Key to Success

By: Christopher Derige Malano, Pax Romana Ensuring our voices are taken seriously; that was what we aimed to do. This was the last opportunity for us to meet together face-to-face before the actual World Youth Conference (WYC) later this summer in August in Leon, Mexico. The Social Forum Committee (SOFOC) came together for the fourthContinue reading “Follow-up is Our Key to Success”

Heavy activity level of ICMYO: World Youth Conference 2010

Dear followers, the task-force is incredibly sorry for not updating the blog for a very long time. This is not at all due to a lack of activity – rather the contrary – but all the activities have led to a lack of capacity to work on the blog. Updates on our successes and failuresContinue reading “Heavy activity level of ICMYO: World Youth Conference 2010”