2nd Africa-Europe Youth Summit

Last week-end youth leaders from African and European Youth Organizations met in Tripoli, Libya, to advise the Heads of States of African Union and European Union. Over three days they worked together and produced a declaration which sends strong political messages, identifies demands – and also displays the commitments from the Youth Organizations present. Action-oriented outcomeContinue reading “2nd Africa-Europe Youth Summit”

Global Youth Work Training Course

In the framework of the University on Youth and Development, taking place in Mollina, Spain, a lot of ICMYO organisations are involved in a range of activities. The different partners are using non-formal education tools to strengthen our impact and influence on the global ldevelopment agenda. ICMYO, with great support from the Council of Europe North-South Centre,Continue reading “Global Youth Work Training Course”

World Youth Conference – Holding the youth rights banner high

During the International Committee meeting, gathering more than 60 representatives from UN entitities and Governments, Ana Maria from FLAJ duly pointed out that the youth rights focus has been weakened in the draft declaration – while the preparatory meeting in Brazil was clearly in favour of a strong youth rights focus in the declaration. ManyContinue reading “World Youth Conference – Holding the youth rights banner high”

World Youth Conference 2010 – behind the scenes

10 ICMYO organisations have been part of the Social Forum Organizing Committee (SOFOC) for the World Youth Conference 2010. During the next week different organizations will share their experience from the WYC here on the ICMYO blog. First out: The European Youth Forum.  WOW! This is huge! I have smelled it! The atmosphere of the GlobalContinue reading “World Youth Conference 2010 – behind the scenes”

The International Year of Youth; Dialogue and Mutual Understanding

The celebration of the International Youth Day on August 12 also marked the beginning of the International Year of Youth, Dialogue and Mutual Understanding. During the official launch of the year in the UN General Assembly Hall the organisations gathered in ICMYO got to nominate one of the speakers and Ms Maya Saoud from Pax RomanaContinue reading “The International Year of Youth; Dialogue and Mutual Understanding”

Follow-up is Our Key to Success

By: Christopher Derige Malano, Pax Romana Ensuring our voices are taken seriously; that was what we aimed to do. This was the last opportunity for us to meet together face-to-face before the actual World Youth Conference (WYC) later this summer in August in Leon, Mexico. The Social Forum Committee (SOFOC) came together for the fourthContinue reading “Follow-up is Our Key to Success”

ICMYO 2010: Preparing for the International Year on Youth

Stefan Wallin, Finnish minister of Culture and Sports, opened the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations 2010. He expressed support to the activities carried out by civil society towards the International Year on Youth and the World Youth Conference. He also expressed interest in the work of various youth organisations on youth rights and challenged theContinue reading “ICMYO 2010: Preparing for the International Year on Youth”

ICMYO 2010 kick-off: Youth, development and security

Around 30 participants from Finnish governmental and non-governmental structures joined a range of international guests for the welcoming seminar of ICMYO 2010. Among the highlights were former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Erkki Tuomioja, and Ms Anke Green from the UN Program on Youth. The 2010 edition of the International Coordination Meeting of Youth OrganisationsContinue reading “ICMYO 2010 kick-off: Youth, development and security”