habitat-3-idema-674x439From activism to effective advocacy: A step-by-step guide for stakeholders.

Effective advocacy requires the shedding of sweat and tears by dedicated activists who brave the front lines in the struggle for justice. These struggles can take place in a number of settings, from the grass roots to the halls of power where policymakers do their work.

Nevertheless, even the most seasoned activists may balk at the notion of taking their advocacy to the United Nations, a place where it is difficult to quickly understand the ins and outs of diplomacy and decorum. While the U. N. system may seem like a labyrinth where even the best activists can become lost in the fray, the reality is that with knowledge and some lobbying skills, good advocacy in U. N.intergovernmental processes is very possible.

The Habitat III process, which will culminate in a New Urban Agenda, is now ripe for some good, strong lobbying by stakeholders. Even though this process has been ongoing for almost two years, it is never too late to become engaged in the important work of ensuring a transformative, just and inclusive New Urban Agenda.

It continues at: http://citiscope.org/habitatIII/explainer/2016/05/how-advocate-within-habitat-iii-process

This explainer was written by Christopher Dekki, policy advocacy and communications officer at the Communitas Coalition and ICMYO Liaison in New Yotk


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