Between 14 and 17 April IFLRY held its 39th General Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey. The main discussion topics included the migration and refugee crisis.

As an international, political umbrella organisation, IFLRY is in a unique position compared to many other youth-led organisations: having access to decision-makers worldwide through Liberal International and the mother parties of all our member organisations. This comes in handy when working on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, with our membership and other ICMYO-members.

ilfry 2.png

IFLRY Climate Change Programme Delegation working at the COP21 in Paris, France

More concretely, in the past few years, IFLRY has been a strong advocate on Climate Action (SDG #7, #12-15) and speaking out against human rights violations (i.e. SDG #3, #5, #8 & #16) through its Climate Change and Human Rights Programme, respectively. Since COP15 in 2009 IFLRY delegations have actively participated in the UNFCCC processes, including the latest groundbreaking COP21 in Paris, France. In early 2016, another IFLRY delegation actively participated to speak out against human rights violations at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy. IFLRY is a founding partner of the Geneva Summit. Through these events we are able to communicate the current issues to our member organizations, meet with liberals from our network and work towards influencing decision-makers. Through knowledge-sharing we are increasing our members’ awareness and motivation to work on the SDGs.


The IFLRY Delegation to the Geneva Summit

Having obtained ECOSOC status in 2014, IFLRY has submitted its first written statement to the UNHRC session in March, 2016 and wishes to further develop its advocacy work on the global level. Through this work, and policy resolutions adopted during our statutory events/General Assemblies IFLRY can influence member organisations across the world.

Another example is our presence at the United Nations General Assembly. Here, IFLRY participates in the liberal ministers meetings, where liberal prime ministers and foreign ministers from around the world gathers to coordinate the liberal response to ongoing UN topics. As such we are able to provide the liberal youth input and make sure that the young liberals of the world are heard.


IFLRY’s outgoing president Christian Scharling & incoming president Pauline Kastermans at the UN headquarters in New York.

IFLRY sees ICMYO and the worldwide cooperation between international youth organisations as an extension of our current advocacy work. The ICMYO network provides great best-practice sharing and when we unite a perfect opportunity to advocate common goals into UN and other global processes.

If you are interested to know more, feel free to contact IFLRY President, Pauline Kastermans via




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