At the Annual Meeting in 2014 the new Task Force of the ICMYO network was elected. With three members remaining from the 2013 Task Force (YFJ: European Youth Forum, IMCS-Pax Romana, IFMSA: The Medical Students), two members returning  from the 2012 task force (YMCA: Young Mens Christian Association and WAGGGS: Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) and two new members the task force (AIESEC: Student Leadership and Exchange Association and TEJO: The Esperanto Youth).

After a successful year the network thanked the hard work of IUSY: The Young Socialists, IFM-SEI: The Falcons and Socialist Educators, WOSM: The Scouts, IFLRY: The Young Liberals, GYG: The Young Greens)



  1. I am very proud to know that TEJO was elected for this year (I am a speaker of Esperanto from Nepal and belong to this institution)

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