IMG_1645The members of the ICMYO Task Force (YFJ, IFMSA, Pax Romana, IFMSEI, IFLRY, IUSY, WOSM) meet at their annual task force meeting hosted by the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY) in their head office in London.

They meet to plan for the Annual Meeting which will take place this year in Baku on the 31st October which will back on to the UN Global Conference on Youth Policies. All members should now have received an invitation.  They also meet to agree the temporary membership (which will be ratified as permanent members in the annual meeting) of the following new members in the International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation category :

  • Commonwealth Youth Council
  • United Network of Young Peacebuilders
  • AEGEE – Europe: European Student Forum (Associate)


  1. with the present and upcoming challenges which are being faced by the youth of the globe, we are in great need to plan, frame, certain policies and strategies in order to find positive solutions. To make it happen, it is of great importance for a global meet to integrate thoughts of the youths around the globe

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