The network of Regional Youth Platforms and international youth organisations – ICMYO (International Co-ordination Meeting of Youth Organisations) celebrated the latest document “Global Youth Call” and backs its content but notes that its scope is only part of what young people have called for and reiterates that it is the Colombo Declaration on Youth that young people and member states have agreed and should be the bases of work going forward. Whilst celebrating the ECOSOC Youth Forum, ICMYO also declared that the participation remains too limited whilst developments are going in the right direction.

On the occasion of the ECOSOC Youth Forum, a platform has been offered by which youth are given a means to express their opinions and concerns on matters crucial to the post 2015 agenda. On June 2nd and June 3rd, a Post 2015 agenda will be discussed in the context of youth inclusion and pertinence of youth to action areas.

Young people have been consulted on the post-2015 development agenda through various initiatives. UN Development Group global and thematic consultations, High Level Panel, and Open Working Groups have all provided opportunities for young people to engage with the Post-2015 process. Youth participation in each of these processes has yielded recommendations on what young people worldwide consider their priorities for the future development framework.

We welcome the outcome document of the Global Partnership for Youth – Global Youth Call as a further elaboration for how young people must be reflected in the post- 2015. This document helps bring the debate forward in a few key areas and along with Colombo Declaration, youth input into the High Level Panel, and inputs from the UN Major Group on Children and Youth in the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals process, adds to the body of work and calls for a set of youth specific targets and indicators for the post 2015 agenda which could lead towards the youth specific goal.

It is essential that the priorities laid out in the aforementioned platforms and documents be recognized in their own right. The voices of young people are vast and varied and it is important that the Global Youth Call cannot be considered the only representation of youth priorities for the post-2015 development agenda.

In his keynote speech from Lloyd Russell-Moyle Vice-President of the European Youth Forum, ICMYO Task Force member and Deputy Organising Partner of the UN Major Group for Children and Youth said “This forum, is a good step, but clearly still too tokenistic, too much talking from the front from men, but it will evolve, it must evolve into a permanent forum on youth which makes decisions jointly with governments and young people.”


The Keynote speech from Mr. Russell-Moyle can be seen here:



  1. Youth’s are the future of tomorrows leader.Now this is the time to give them privileges in all sectors so that youth’s can motivate on a positive way. This is very important that future upcoming problems should be shared with youths and engage them to promote in peacekeeping, Education, Anti corruption , government decision making level involvement.

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