After over 2 years of planning and 4 long days in Colombo the Colombo Declaration on Youth and its corresponding youth outcomes from the round tables were adopted and handed to the Secretary General of the United Nations’ Envoy on youth. Over 1000 people took part in the event which for the first time brought together both young people and decision makers to jointly find solutions.

Opening of WCY2014

Opening of the WCY2014

Lloyd Russell-Moyle co-chair of the International Task Force said at the closing which took place at the National Youth Services Council of Sri Lanka “whilst those of you who look look for words and count them up may be disappointed, those of you who step back and see the whole document for what it is will be impressed”.

The document which brings the inputs of consultations together and is meant to feed into the Post-2015 development negotiations covered 14 areas of which Lloyd said “if only one-third of this document goes onto be implemented we will have achieved a successful push forward in the international youth agenda.”
The two outcome documents can be downloaded here: WCY2014 – Colombo Declaration On Youth – FINAL and WCY 2014 – Summary of Round Tables – FINAL



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