Youth 21: Time is now

Youth 21: Time is now

19 ICMYO Partner Organisations have today called upon the United Nations to take action to create a Permanent Forum on Youth Affairs. 

The 19 organisations, representing some of the largest youth organisations in the world today wrote to all missions ahead of the start of the GA 3rd Committee Negotiations which this year will deal with among other things, youth.

The organisations are calling for action to start the creation of a permanent forum on youth  based on the model of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues already established in the UN.

The forums role was outlined in the Youth 21 report produced by UN Habitat and others to strengthen youth participation for the 21st Century. Whilst a number of the reports recommendations have been implemented (such as the creation of an office of the SGs Envoy on Youth) the Permanent Forum on Youth remains to see significant progress.

The 19 organisations reminded the UN that in “resolution A/RES/68/1, you already stated that ECOSOC should ‘further promote the integration of youth into its deliberations ‘” and stated that “A Permanent Forum on Youth would not undermine the intergovernmental nature of the UN, but rather strengthen the UN through partnership, allowing advice to flow from the Permanent Forum to ECOSOC and the General Assembly (3rd Committee) and allow for the assessment of commitments Governments have made. ”

The Permanent forum would be jointly made up of half young people from youth led organizations and half of governments following other international structures and bringing those who know best about the implementation on the ground (youth) face to face with decision makers on an annual or bi-annual cycle.

It could also have a review function for the progress made so far on the World Programme for Action on Youth and the organisations said “A UN Permanent Forum on Youth can be the structure that helps provides young people with a reliable process through which tokenism can be brushed aside in favour of effective participation and evaluation of the World Programme of Action for Youth”

There is hope that ahead of this years youth resolution favourable countries like Brazil will take a lead in pushing for greater youth participation at the United Nations. The push has the backing of many official youth delegates, some UN Agencies and other youth from around the world already.

The full letter can be seen here: ICMYO Permanent Forum Letter


For more information on the Ground in New York During the 3rd Committee negotiations in October 2013 contact Christopher Dekki (International Movement of Catholic Students – Pax Romana on or +13472494813) or Jerry Den Haan (European Youth Forum on or +31613762866).



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