International Task Force meets in Colombo to plan World Conference on Youth

International Task Force meets in Colombo to plan World Conference on Youth

Member of the ICMYO network have been appointed by the Sri Lankan Government to support the preparations of the World Conference on Youth 2014.  The ICMYO organisations who have taken on this role are:


  • International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International
  • European Youth Forum
  • International Federation of Medical Students
  • Latin American Youth Forum
  • World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
  • International Movement of Catholic Students (Pax Romana)

Together with 4 other international youth activists and 10 national Sri Lankan youth the Task Force have taken on advising the government on civil society participation, outreaching to global youth movements to engage them in the design of the conference to help steer the conference to make sure that its a success.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Vice-President of the European Youth Forum) and Milinda Rajapaksha (Working Director of Sri Lanka Youth) were appointed as the co-chairs of the planning stages to help oversee the process moves forward.

The group recommended that 50% of participants (from the total of 1500) should be youth and youth organisations with the other 25%/25% coming from Governments and International Agencies/Foundations.

The theme of the conference will take priority areas from the World Programme of Action on Youth (the intergovernmentally agreed set of targets for youth development), and using the global My World survey feed into the post-2015 agenda.



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