new ICMYO task force – bigger than ever!

The focus of the last day of the ICYMO meeting was on evaluation, exchange and identifying areas where ICMYO participating organizations could work together to maximize the opportunities to promote the participation of young people and the role of youth organizations during the coming year. As well as evaluation of the Networking Days – theContinue reading “new ICMYO task force – bigger than ever!”

A success story – ICMYO’s networking day for youth organizations in Cairo, Egypt

What is the role of youth movements after the Arab Spring? This was the question posed by the high-level panel organized during the International Co-ordination Meeting of Youth Organizations (ICMYO) Networking Day taking place in Cairo, Egypt on 8th September. Mr. Mohamed Refay, Vice-Minister of Youth attended the meeting and stressed the importance of cooperationContinue reading “A success story – ICMYO’s networking day for youth organizations in Cairo, Egypt”

ICMYO meeting – report of first day

The eighth International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organizations (ICMYO) taking place at the Cairo International Scout Centre, Egypt is now underway. One of the themes of this year’s meeting is about understanding some of the local issues young people are facing in the region and making the connections from the local to the global level.Continue reading “ICMYO meeting – report of first day”