We are delighted to announce that the eighth International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organizations will take place 7th, 8th and 9th September at the Cairo International Scout Centre, Egypt. ICMYO is an informal network of 28 membership-based International Youth NGOs (INGYOs) and Regional Youth Platforms (RYPs). ICMYO is a meeting where principles of and strategies for co-operation on the global and regional levels between IYNGOs and RYPs are discussed. The main objectives of ICMYO are the strengthening of co-operation among youth organisations at the regional and global levels and the co-ordination of political inputs to global youth policy processes.

Since its inception in 2004, ICMYO has gained international credibility with UN agencies, the World Bank and other international institutions. The recognition has increased over the past years, particularly around the World Youth Conference 2010, the UN High-Level Meeting 2011, the Inter Agency Network on Youth Development and the Youth21 initiative. The September meeting is an excellent opportunity for youth organisations to come together in the Arab Region to share expertise, offer mutual support and plan for the future.

Networking Day
This year’s ICMYO meeting proposes an exciting event to welcome local Youth NGOs to a ‘Networking Day’, which is scheduled for Saturday 8th September. The goal of the “Networking Day” – following the recent uprisings and the “Arab Spring” – will be to get to know local Youth NGOs from the Arab Region, strengthen communications with them, share and learn from each other’s experiences, strengthen your ties with your national and regional branches and to support all of them in networking.

The Programme – click here to download the draft agenda
Networking day – click here to download the agenda



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