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Brussels and Geneva, 18 April 2008

Invitation to International Co-ordination Meeting of Youth Organisations (ICMYO)
Cairo, Egypt – 14-17 June 2008

Dear Mr./Ms. President/Secretary General,

We are delighted to announce that the fifth meeting of ICMYO (the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations) will take place 14-18 June 2008 (arrival and departure days) in Cairo, Egypt. We hope very much that your organisation will be present.

As you know, ICMYO is an informal network of 27 membership-based International Youth NGOs and Regional Youth Platforms. The main objectives of ICMYO are the strengthening of cooperation among youth organisations at the regional and global levels and the coordination of political inputs to global youth policy processes. Since its inception in 2004, ICMYO has gained international credibility with UN agencies, the World Bank and other international institutions. Successes include getting the youth voice heard in high level policies such as the World Development Report 2007 and the World Programme of Action for Youth.

The June meeting is a timely opportunity for youth organisations to come together, share expertise and plan for the future. How can we benefit from each others experiences and expertise ? How can we be even better at influencing global youth processes?

As the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations is a meeting where principles of and strategies for cooperation on the global and regional levels between IYNGOs and RYPs are discussed, the meeting will address the highest level of leadership of the invited youth organisations.

Please find enclosed more information about the ICMYO meeting in the draft agenda and the registration form.

Ms Christine Housel (WSCF) – FAX: +41 22 791 6152; TEL: +41 22 791 6729

We also urge you to immediately check if you need a visa. This is the responsibility of each participant but we will send you a letter of endorsement if you ask us.

For any questions regarding the proposed meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact the signatory organisations to or visit the website

Best regards,

The ICYMO Taskforce:

The World Alliance YMCAs
The World Organization of the Scout Movement
The World Student Christian Federation
The European Youth Forum


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